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Miller Creek Quarry
To Order Stone for Delivery Call: (828) 287-333


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The Miller Creek Quarry is located at the intersection of Maple Creek Road and Miller
Road just west of Rutherfordton, NC. This is the larger of our two quarries and all the
products we mine and crush are located at this facility. When entering the mine site
for the first time please check with the scale house and they will weigh your truck prior
to loading. The weighmaster can also answer most any question you may have as
well. After you have been loaded, please go back to the scales and we will weigh your
truck again and give you a ticket showing your total weight, plus the cost of the product
you picked up. 
Please note there is a $15.00 minimum charge for any of our products.


 (Miller Creek Direction)
975 Miller Road

Rutherfordton, NC 28139