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Dump Trucks

Single Axle

This truck hauls between 8 and 9 tons per load. The tailgate is 8 feet wide and will spread that distance in width. If is easier to maneuver in tight spots vs the tandem dump truck.

Tandem Axle

This truck hauls between 15 and 16 tons per load. Like the single axle its tailgate will spread a 8 foot width. This truck is larger and longer than the single axle so it needs more room to maneuver.

Please note that when we deliver stone the per price ton is the same for either the single axle or the tandem axle dump truck. The tandem just hauls more tonnage per load than the single axle.  Our drivers will try there best to spread the stone where you would like. There are many factors involved in spreading stone and we will do our best. However, spreads are not guaranteed the only guarantee is the delivery of the stone to your location.